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Former SpaceX engineers are building a commercial electric speedboat

The speedboat can reach 40 miles per hour and run for 5 hours per charge.

New cost-effective material converts waste heat into useful electricity

New high-performing thermoelectric material in a practical form can be used in device development.

First successful live-fire test of U.S. Navy’s Long-Range Anti-Radiation Missile

The AARGM-ER was launched from a F/A-18 Super Hornet and met all planned test objectives.

Bell unveils advanced HSVTOL design concepts for military application

The aim is to explore the future capabilities of next-generation military vertical lift aircraft.

Estonian startup to develop closed cathode hydrogen fuel cells for Mars and Moon missions

PowerUP Energy Technologies has signed a contract with ESA closed cathode hydrogen fuel cells stack.

World’s first in-orbit reprogrammable satellite launched into space

The sophisticated telecommunications satellite can be completely repurposed while in space.

Researchers transform water into a metallic material that conducts electricity

They grew a thin layer of gold-colored metallic water on the outside of a droplet of liquid metal.

Europe’s new ‘space brain’ tested for the first time

The new control system will be the brain behind all European spaceflight operations in the years to come.

First flight of MQ-4C Triton in the multi-intelligence configuration

The milestone demonstrates significant progress toward initial operating capability.

UK’s Tempest fighter jet enters next phase with new design contract

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded a £250m contract to advance the UK's future Combat Air capability.

Engineers develop a simple way to desalinate water using solar energy

The desalter is claimed to be much more effective than others, by incorporating a rotating cylinder.

Greenidge Generation to convert old coal ash landfill into a new solar farm

It will invest profits from its carbon-neutral bitcoin mining operation to create a new solar farm at the site.