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Latest Articles

Lazzarini’s new luxurious Jet Capsule is bigger and faster

The new re-designed Jet Capsule is equipped with twin Yanmar engines and can reach speeds up to 60 knts.

Urwahn launches its first Acros Edition gravel bike made with 3D printing

This gravel bike impresses with an unmistakable monocoque look with progressive driving characteristics.

British Army to build next-gen Challenger 3 Main Battle Tanks

A major upgrade of the British Army’s main battle tank features extra firepower and cutting-edge protection systems.

Dassault launches ultra-long-range Falcon 10X with industry’s largest cabin

The high-speed business jet will come with innovative safety features derived from the latest fighter technology.

MIT’s RoboWig can help people with disabilities untangle their hair

Personal care robots that brush hair could provide substantial help and relief.

K-MAX TITAN, the world’s first commercial heavy-lift unmanned helicopter

The aircraft can lift up to 2,722 kg with unmatched performance in hot and high conditions.

99Recycle turns trash mountains into sustainable fashion accessories

It uses a massive 3D printer in which shredded recycled plastic acts as a raw material.

Citroën My Ami Cargo, a fully electric, ultra-compact delivery van

My Ami Cargo combines loading capacity, mobile desk functionality, and the benefits of electric mobility.

SNC’s Dream Chaser spaceplane could take tourists to space

American reusable spaceplane aims to start Florida-based launches and landings for NASA in 2022.

IBM’s new 2 nm chip technology claims more power with less energy

It is projected to achieve 45% better performance, or 75% lower energy use compared to today's 7nm chips.

Improved Cowboy 4 ebike launches, with first step-through model

It features an integrated cockpit, a more powerful motor, wireless charging for your smartphone, and much more.

InnoMake smart shoe warns blind and visually impaired people of obstacles

InnoMake was developed to make everyday life safer for visually impaired and blind people.