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Gaussin presents world’s first 100% hydrogen skateboard truck platform

It consists of a rolling, versatile and modular platform designed for the various market players.

Toyota trains its robots to perform challenging house chores

Toyota has trained robots to understand and operate in complicated situations that confuse most other robots.

Lockheed Martin to build Aeroshell for NASA’s next Mars Lander

The protective capsule helps keep spacecraft safe during the intense landing sequence.

Israel tests airborne high-power laser to take down drones

It successfully intercepted and destroyed all of the UAVs that were launched throughout the test.

Engineers create solar energy collectors grown from microscopic seeds

Engineers claimed state-of-the-art efficiency of 17% without optimization.

Masten develops Rocket Mining System to extract lunar water

The system uses an enclosed rocket engine and vacuum system to harvest water ice from the lunar surface.

Hyundai buys robotics firm Boston Dynamics from SoftBank

Hyundai became the owner of 80% of the company, while SoftBank retains the remaining 20% stake.

GM, Liebherr join forces to develop hydrogen fuel cell systems for aircraft

The fuel cell system will offer lower emissions and less noise than conventional aircraft propulsion systems.

Mayflower Autonomous Ship sails back after developing a fault

The ship is designed to recreate the Mayflower's historic journey across the Atlantic 400 years ago.

Engineered bacteria converts plastic waste into vanilla flavoring

The vanillin produced would be fit for human consumption, but further experimental tests are required.

Successful first flight of largest Boeing 737 MAX airplane

The maiden flight was the start of a comprehensive test program for the 737-10.

GE, Safran to develop new jet engine able to reduce fuel use by 20%

It also targets more than 20% lower emissions compared to today's engines.