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New nanoscopy tool reveals previously invisible colorful nano-world

The new full-color nano-imaging technique could be used to improve understanding of nanoelectronics.

EasyMile’s autonomous shuttle approved for use on public roads in Europe

This is an important step towards the real commercialization of autonomous driving.

Lithium-ion batteries made with recycled materials are better than new

Recycled materials from used lithium-ion batteries can outperform new commercial materials.

Soft, stretchable device turns motion into electricity even underwater

The device generates electricity from wind, waves, body movement, and vibrations from motors.

Bayraktar TB2 completes 400,000 flight hours, setting a new record

This makes Bayraktar TB2 the longest-serving national aircraft in the sky.

A British man receives the world’s first 3D printed prosthetic eye

This new 3D printing process avoids the invasive process of molding of the eye socket.

Renault unveils AIR4 flying car concept for traveling on highways in the sky

AIR4 claims the air as the new road of the future.

U.S. Air Force tests StormBreaker smart weapon on F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The StormBreaker smart weapon gives operators the flexibility to hit moving targets at any time of day.

Xtend Design unveils electric lunar rover LUNIAQ inspired by Skoda SUVs

The rover would also be capable of autonomous and remote operation.

Zuri completes the first hover test of its hybrid eVTOL

Zuri's tech demonstrator is a single-seater with a wingspan 90% as large as the final product.

New renewable, recyclable material to replace fossil plastics

The new lignin-based materials can be casted into various shapes and used several times.

Researchers develop eco-friendly, reusable ice cubes that do not melt

The new jelly ice cube is not plastic and won't melt.