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Israel’s new Rex MK II land vehicle will keep troops out of harm’s way

New multi-mission unmanned will support ground forces in the field while minimizing threats to human lives.

World’s whitest paint could reduce the need for air conditioning

The ultra-white paint, which reflects 98.1% of solar radiation, earned a Guinness World Record.

EnerVenue raises $100M to accelerate nickel-hydrogen battery production

Simple, safe, long-lasting and maintenance-free energy storage proven over decades of use in extreme conditions.

2Excel gears up for next stage work of Tempest flight test aircraft Excalibur

The program will see a commercial airliner turning it into a flying laboratory for combat air technology.

Wabtec unveils world’s first 100% battery-electric freight train

Roy Hill has become the first purchaser of Wabtec's FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive.

Silver-infused bacteria improves power efficiency in microbial fuel cells

Engineers have taken a major step forward in the development of microbial fuel cells.

New nozzle design could significantly reduce fighter jet engine noise

Engineers hope a new nozzle design will dampen the deafening roar of the engines without hindering performance.

Alphabet’s Project Taara laser tech beams 700TB of data across the Congo River

Taara's link served nearly 700 TB of data in 20 days with 99.9% availability.

First agrivoltaic research facility for carbon-neutral orcharding in Germany

The agrivoltaic systems can provide plant protection against harmful environmental influences.

World’s first wingless, compact eVTOL aircraft moves a step closer to reality

The CityHawk is a car-sized eVTOL designed for multiple trips within a city per day.

Rolls-Royce’s all-electric Spirit of Innovation takes flight for the first time

The first flight is another step towards the plane's world-record attempt.

Sikorsky-Boeing delivers Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft proposal to US Army

The helicopter offers high-speed performance while retaining traditional helicopter agility and maneuverability.