Thursday, January 20, 2022

Latest Articles

New Vetal tail-seater VTOL drone offers a flight time of up to 60 minutes

The fixed-wing drone is especially suitable for agricultural surveying and general surveillance.

SB-1 Defiant successfully completes FLRAA mission profile test flights

The demonstrator successfully performed confined area landings and low-level flight operations.

New Apple Car concept imagines a self-driven, 360-degree rotatable pod

An Indian engineer has created renderings of what the long-awaited Apple Car may look like.

Solar panel-covered Sun Rock will generate 1 million kWh of clean energy per year

The features of the Sun Rock building are focused on generating solar energy as efficiently as possible.

SAVA E-Flash, the lightest carbon fiber E-Gravel bike for all-terrain riding

Highly responsive and lightweight, SAVA E-Flash is designed for comfort, stability, and efficiency.

World’s first fully autonomous ship navigation system tested on coastal ferry

Successful fully autonomous navigation of large, high-speed ferry expected to improve safety.

A step closer to quantum batteries with superabsorption breakthrough

Researchers have taken a key step in making quantum batteries a reality.

Tactic Air Drone launches its high-performance foldable drone

The 4K HD Drone is perfect for beginners and seasoned drone enthusiasts alike.

New electroactive microrobots can create their own bone

Biohybrid variable-stiffness actuators can be used in soft robotics and as potential tools for bone repair.

ZEVA completes first untethered test flight of its weird-looking eVTOL aircraft

First untethered, powered, controlled test flight of full-scale ZEVA ZERO flying wing airframe.

Panasonic introduces 410W EverVolt solar panels with 22.2% efficiency

With 22.2% efficiency, homeowners can enjoy high levels of power production while using less roof space.

New smart-roof coating keeps homes warm in winter and cool in summer

Breakthrough regulates household temperature without consuming natural gas or electricity.